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[Xen-devel] About how to set crash dump enable

Hi all.

I find for how to set crash dump of xen kernel(!= dom0 or domU) enable.
Please give me any hint :-)


Steps I done
#setting for generate debug info
#kernel-hacking - Compile the kernel with debug info -> on
make linux-2.6-xen-config CONFIGMODE=menuconfig

make install-xen install-kernels debug=y

#setting grub
#omit :-)

#boot and connect to xen with serial port

#use console with serial port
[root@localhost boot]# (XEN) *** Serial input -> Xen (type 'CTRL-a'
three times to switch input to DOM0).
(XEN) 'h' pressed -> showing installed handlers
(XEN) key '%' (ascii '25') => Trap to xendbg
(XEN) key 'C' (ascii '43') => trigger a crashdump
(XEN) key 'H' (ascii '48') => dump heap info
(XEN) key 'N' (ascii '4e') => NMI statistics
(XEN) key 'R' (ascii '52') => reboot machine
(XEN) key 'a' (ascii '61') => dump timer queues
(XEN) key 'd' (ascii '64') => dump registers
(XEN) key 'h' (ascii '68') => show this message
(XEN) key 'i' (ascii '69') => dump interrupt bindings
(XEN) key 'm' (ascii '6d') => memory info
(XEN) key 'n' (ascii '6e') => trigger an NMI
(XEN) key 'q' (ascii '71') => dump domain (and guest debug) info
(XEN) key 'r' (ascii '72') => dump run queues
(XEN) key 't' (ascii '74') => display multi-cpu clock info
(XEN) key 'u' (ascii '75') => dump numa info
(XEN) key 'z' (ascii '7a') => print ioapic info

#try to generate crash dump
#but miss for some reason :-(
#What's crash kernel?
(XEN) 'C' pressed -> triggering crashdump
(XEN) * no crash kernel loaded!


HPCS lab
4th grade student of Colledge of Information Science, University of Tsukuba

Ryo Kanbayashi

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