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Re: [Xen-devel] Unable to include xen/sched.h

On 14/11/07 11:21, "ashutosh mehra" <ashutosh.xen@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I tried #include<xen/interface/sysctl.h> but I get an error: #error "domctl operations are intended for use by node control tools only"

Keir, how do I add a watch on an entire path, e.g. /local/domain/? More importantly, how can I get the list of domains/domainIds of the currently running domains in a module running in dom0 kernel?? Please help, I'm looking for an answer to this since quite a few days!

You can add a watch on that entire path from dom0, no problem. As for getting a list of all domains, you can only do that with sysctl. If you really need it then #define __XEN_TOOLS__ before including sysctl.h.

 -- Keir

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