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[Xen-devel] map_domain_va and map problem with address mapped.


I have some problem about access a guest location memory using map_domain_va function. My situation is next:

I have a simple program running in domU, I retrieve a guest virtual address for a struct value and I pause the domain (when I pause the domU the interested program still run...).

So I call map_domain_va function that call map_domain_va_pae. It seems that everything works properly because I obtain an address (PT walk don't fails...), but If I try to access this address I find a "strange" value.

For example:

domU guest address: 0xbfd38838 a location that contains an int, for example 10.

Address mapped returned by map_domain_va: 0xb7fac838

If I access the pointer returned above I obtain: 0xbfd38858 (very similar to domU guest address...). Perhaps I did not understand something, but I should not obtain 10?

Tnx in advance.

Best Regards

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