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[Xen-devel] HVM DomU crash during network activity

Hello All,

I've got the following problem.

My Dom0 is the latest xen-unstable (from staging, changeset 16380). My DomU is a HVM Windows 2003 SP2.

During file copy from another windows box to the DomU, this DomU gets unresponsiveness and the file copy aborts and the vnc session times out.

Now the curiosity: If I do the same file copy without having an vnc session running, the copy successfully finishes.

I've tried this several times with having the same result. If I do a file copy within the DomU and one conntected vnc session, everything works as expected.

I've composed all debug logs together in this report. Pherhaps someone could investigate this issue.

Feel free to contact me, I've you've more questions.




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