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[Xen-devel] [HVM] Reproducing bug 892 (restore failure after dom0 reboot)

I am very interested in having HVM domain state saved/restored normally. For some weird reason,I do reproduce bug 892. Actually restoring a saved state after dom0 reboot fails,

To reproducce the bug, I save the state of a HVM domain and reboot dom0. Loading this state fails : My SDL Frame buffer does not pop up, qemu logs report failure to populate physmap (well this seems to happen when qemu-dm tries to reallocate memory for vga ram)

But if after rebooting the dom0 I create and shutdown the guest domain normally then I try to restore the saved state it works fine.
That means that event after shutting down the guest domain a state or some thing is preserved somewhere that makes the restore succeed ?
What can this possibly be ?

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