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Re: [Xen-devel] shared memory and event channel

>    For each domUs there is unique shared memory(2-way circular queue) and
> event-channel(one shared memory and event-channel per domU) or there is
> only one shared memory and interdomain event-channel(for every DomU)?

Each domain has a separate shared memory page and event channel.  Actually, in 
general, there are multiple shared memory areas and event channels per domU.

Each virtual device (e.g. virtual network interface) may require its own 
separate shared memory page and event channel to talk to the backend.  So if 
you have a domain with two vifs it'll need two shared memory pages and two 
event channels.

The block driver will also want a memory page and event channel for each 
virtual block device.

And so on.

Hope this helps,


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