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[Xen-devel] How to debug XEN, in case where DomU/Dom0 gets unresponsive?

Hi all,


I would like to know how to debug xen.

To give some more informations, I would like to explain why I'd like to do this.


I've compiled xen from source (3.1.x/unstable) and installed it on Debain etch. Furthermore I've installed 2 DomU, one HVM (Win2k3) and one EFW (Endian Firewall, RH-based 2.6.9-55 kernel).


Both DomU's are running fine for about 15 minutes. But that differs from time to time. If something happens (like file transfer or http traffic) then all DomUs and the Dom0 get unresponsive.


I think the "hang" wouldn't be xen related, if only the DomUs would crash and the Dom0 would reachable. But with the described problem the Dom0 also gets unresponsive. Furthermore the DomUs weren't crashed, because the console of EFW/"xm top" details this. Anymore I can't see any logs at Dom0 that the bridges went down.

A restart of the Dom0 fixes the problem as it appears again the next time.


So, would there be any way to debug this, I think xen-related, problem?







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