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Re: [Xen-devel] does xen-linux for PV support the Linux Standards base , or not ?

>   does xen-linux for PV support the Linux Standards Base ,or not ?if it
> does, which version does it support? and what about POSIX? does it
> support POSIX? and which version does it support?

Whether LSB and / or POSIX support is provided is mostly (or maybe entirely?) 
up to the distribution.  I'm not familiar with the details of either standard 
but I'm not aware of anything in PV Linux that breaks them.

Much of LSB is about what software is available on the system, how the 
filesystem is laid out, etc, which is not changed under PV.  If it places any 
restrictions on kernel version, I guess that could be a problem.

Much of POSIX is focused on the interface to userspace apps and to the users 
themserves - again, the use of the PV kernel shouldn't affect these 

In summary: I wouldn't expect PV to make much difference to either but I can't 
rule out it breaking some rule in those standards.


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