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[Xen-devel] RE: GPL Win PV driver issues

> hg URL: http://xenbits.xensource.com/ext/win-pvdrivers.hg
> Hi James and Clyde,
> I'm pleased to report that the net driver now sends and receives
> packets, and gets an IP via DHCP. I have not done any stress or
> performance work yet, however.


> One issue is that the driver has the same mac address as the qemu net
> device. The approach you were taking was the "XenHide" driver, that
> would hide (filter out) emulated devices in favor of pv ones. I'd like
> to get xenhide filtering out the qemu net device, but also wanted to
> the other implementers of winpv drivers if there is a better or
> preferred way to accomplish this?

Xenhide still may not do the trick in your case. It will prevent Windows
from seeing the device, but the tap device will still be there and
attached to the bridge, which may cause problems of its own...

I have a scsiport driver working nicely now... almost... it crashes
occasionally and of course it won't write out a crash dump for me :)


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