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RE: [Xen-devel] [VTPM] Failed to load NVM

  • To: "Kuniyasu Suzaki" <k.suzaki@xxxxxxxxxx>, <xen-devel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • From: "Scarlata, Vincent R" <vincent.r.scarlata@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 4 Jan 2008 01:51:14 -0800
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  • Thread-topic: [Xen-devel] [VTPM] Failed to load NVM

The vtpm_dm_%d.data should be created the first time you instantiate the
VTPM and on every invocation of the TPM_SaveState command.
TPM_STRONG_PERSISTENT basically forces the VTPM to internally call
TPM_SaveState after any TPM command.

If you are still having this problem, can you reply with both the log
from an attempt to create vtpm_dm_%d.data and the failed attempt to load
it. Like I said, either the initial first instantiation of that VTPM, or
if you left strong persistence on, then calling a couple of TPM commands
will try and create vtpm_dm_%d.data.


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I succeeded in using vTPM (TPM Emulator) on HVM Xen (unstable xen 3.2.0
rc2) but
the SRK(Storage Root Key) wasn't attached. 

The log of vtmp_managed told "Failed to load NVM". I guess It was caused
by the 
lack of "/var/vtpm/vtpm_dm_%d.data".

I enabled TPM_STORONG_PERSISTENT in "tools/vtpm/vtpm/tpm/tpm_emulator.h"
but it 
didn't work well.  Please tell me how to create

---- log ofvtpm_managed
INFO[VTPM]: Starting VTPM.
INFO[TCS]: Constructing new TCS:
INFO[TCS]: Calling TCS_OpenContext:
INFO[VTSP]: Loading Key into TPM.
INFO[VTSP]: Unbinding 256 bytes of data.
INFO[VTPM]: Loaded saved state (dmis = 18).
INFO[VTSP]: Loading Key into TPM.
INFO[VTPM]: Creating new DMI instance 0 attached.
INFO[TCS]: Calling TCS_OpenContext:
INFO[VTPM]: [Backend Listener]: Backend Listener waiting for messages.
INFO[VTPM]: [VTPM Listener]: VTPM Listener waiting for messages.
INFO[VTPM]: [Hotplug Listener]: Hotplug Listener waiting for messages.
INFO[VTPM]: Creating new DMI instance 19 attached.
INFO[TCS]: Calling TCS_OpenContext:
TPMD[19]: tpmd.c:126: Info: Initializing tpm state: clear, type: hvm,
id: 19

TPMD[19]: tpm/tpm_cmd_handler.c:4137: Debug: tpm_emulator_init()
INFO[VTPM]: Launching DMI on PID = 9524
INFO[VTSP]: Binding 16 bytes of data.
INFO[VTPM]: Saved 256 bytes of E(symkey) + 656 bytes of E(data)
INFO[VTPM]: Saved VTPM Manager state (status = 0, dmis = 19)
INFO[VTPM]: [Hotplug Listener]: Hotplug Listener waiting for messages.
TPMD[19]: tpm/tpm_startup.c:30: Info: TPM_Init()
TPMD[19]: tpm/tpm_testing.c:242: Info: TPM_SelfTestFull()
TPMD[19]: tpm/tpm_testing.c:42: Debug: tpm_test_prng()
TPMD[19]: tpm/tpm_testing.c:70: Debug: Monobit: 10001
TPMD[19]: tpm/tpm_testing.c:71: Debug: Poker:   17.7
TPMD[19]: tpm/tpm_testing.c:72: Debug: run_1:   2559, 2587
TPMD[19]: tpm/tpm_testing.c:73: Debug: run_2:   1236, 1185
TPMD[19]: tpm/tpm_testing.c:74: Debug: run_3:   611, 612
TPMD[19]: tpm/tpm_testing.c:75: Debug: run_4:   310, 317
TPMD[19]: tpm/tpm_testing.c:76: Debug: run_5:   153, 153
TPMD[19]: tpm/tpm_testing.c:77: Debug: run_6+:  157, 171
TPMD[19]: tpm/tpm_testing.c:78: Debug: run_34:  0
TPMD[19]: tpm/tpm_testing.c:112: Debug: tpm_test_sha1()
TPMD[19]: tpm/tpm_testing.c:156: Debug: tpm_test_hmac()
TPMD[19]: tpm/tpm_testing.c:183: Debug: tpm_test_rsa_EK()
TPMD[19]: tpm/tpm_testing.c:185: Debug: rsa_generate_key()
TPMD[19]: tpm/tpm_testing.c:190: Debug: testing endorsement key
TPMD[19]: tpm/tpm_testing.c:196: Debug: rsa_sign(RSA_SSA_PKCS1_SHA1)
TPMD[19]: tpm/tpm_testing.c:199: Debug: rsa_verify(RSA_SSA_PKCS1_SHA1)
TPMD[19]: tpm/tpm_testing.c:202: Debug: rsa_sign(RSA_SSA_PKCS1_DER)
TPMD[19]: tpm/tpm_testing.c:205: Debug: rsa_verify(RSA_SSA_PKCS1_DER)
TPMD[19]: tpm/tpm_testing.c:209: Debug: rsa_encrypt(RSA_ES_PKCSV15)
TPMD[19]: tpm/tpm_testing.c:213: Debug: rsa_decrypt(RSA_ES_PKCSV15)
TPMD[19]: tpm/tpm_testing.c:217: Debug: verify plain text
TPMD[19]: tpm/tpm_testing.c:220: Debug: rsa_encrypt(RSA_ES_OAEP_SHA1)
TPMD[19]: tpm/tpm_testing.c:224: Debug: rsa_decrypt(RSA_ES_OAEP_SHA1)
TPMD[19]: tpm/tpm_testing.c:228: Debug: verify plain text
TPMD[19]: tpm/tpm_testing.c:260: Info: Self-Test succeeded
TPMD[19]: tpm/tpm_startup.c:45: Info: TPM_Startup(1)
Loading NVM.
        Sending LoadNVM command
ERROR[VTPM]: Failed to load NVM
.INFO[VTPM]: [VTPM Listener]: VTPM Listener waiting for messages.
        Reading LoadNVM header
TPMD[19]: tpmd.c:183: Debug: Recv[16]: 0x0 0 0 13 0 c1 0 0 0 c 0 0 0 99
0 1 
TPMD[19]: tpm/tpm_cmd_handler.c:4156: Debug: tpm_handle_command()


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