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Re: [Xen-devel] consistent LVM snapshot of domUs from dom0

Hi Mark,
that's a good news! Where can I get the code? I don't see it in xen-unstable yet, is it available in some other repo? When it comes to dividing the work, I could try to finish the kernel part and try to glue it all together.. as soon as I can get my hands on the code :)
so please let me know where I can get it and I'll have a look at it ASAP
cheers and thanks!

 On Fri, 4 Jan 2008, Mark Williamson wrote:

Hi there,

I've started checking code into Xenbits.  Right now all that's there is the
proof-of-concept control tools work and a stub driver in the guest kernel
which is able to listen for commands.

The actual mechanics of FS snapshotting need to be implemented, plus UI
features (such as actually taking arguments - and more importantly only
returning from xm fsfreeze when guest says the freeze is actually

If you want to have a crack at plumbing this together you'd be more than
welcome, or I can have a go at it, or we can split it.  Any preference?  I'll
get paid for any work I do, so I'm happy to do any amount ;-)


On Friday 04 January 2008, Nikola Ciprich wrote:
On Mon, 24 Dec 2007, Mark Williamson wrote:
Hi Mark,
is there some progress regarding this subject? Still, if there is
something I could help with, please do not hesitate to tell me what could
I do...

Yes, I think that's a sensible first step to take.  Later on, we could
perhaps look into putting some more smarts in, e.g. doing the snapshot
creation automatically in the case that an LVM volume or QCow virtual
disk is already being used.

I hadn't come across freeze/thaw_bdev before - I'd found a lock / unlock
call for filesystem locking somewhere that looked promising but not
implemented it yet.  I imagine it might boil down to a similar thing in
the end.

Either way, being able to freeze specific block devices could be useful
for backup purposes.  There's no point freezing filesystems that are not
used to store backed-up data, for instance!

Yup, agree :)

OK, I'll try and get some code online at some point and let you know when
it's available.

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