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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH] [Linux] Transfer TPM locality info in the ringstructure

How does that fix the problem if an old tpm frontend runs against a new tpm backend? The unused field will not be initialised by the old frontend, hence can contain garbage to confuse the new backend?

 -- Keir

On 4/1/08 14:12, "Stefan Berger" <stefanb@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> >  * Read data from the shared memory and copy it directly into the
> >  * provided buffer. Advance the read_last indicator which tells
> Also, while your patch at the first glance appears to take care of backward
> compatibility, I'm not sure it really does: In the old code, I can'tsee where
> the 'unused' member of 'struct tpmif_tx_request' gets zero-initialized.

Yes, that's a problem. What I'll do is set the 'unused' member to zero and leave it at that.

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