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Re: [Xen-devel] Error while booting Windows from image file

Hi there,

> i'm using the latest version of Xen 3.2 with a debian -4.0r1. there are no
> problems by compiling and installing of xen. installing a windows vm from
> physical cd-rom is also no problem. but when a want to install windows from
> a image file(winxp.iso), i get the following message :
> ata0master: QEMU HARDDISK .......
> ata0slave: unknown device
> ata1master: QEMU CD-ROM ATAPI-4 CD-Rom/DVD-Rom
> ata1slave: unknown device
> Booting from CD-Rom ....
> CDROM boot failure code : 0004
> Boot from CD-Rom failed: could not read the boot disk
> FATAL: No bootable devices

Weird, I'm not sure I've seen this one before.

> My config file is :
> kernel = "/usr/lib/xen/boot/hvmloader"
> builder='hvm'
> memory = 2048
> name = "WinXP"
> vcpus=2
> disk = [ 'file:/var/lib/xen/images/winxpdisk.img, ioemu:hda,w',
> 'file:/winimages/winxp.iso,ioemu:hdc:cdrom,r' ] device_model = '/usr/' +
> arch_libdir + '/xen/bin/qemu-dm

Are you sure this file exists?  Are you sure it's a valid ISO?  Can you mount 
it in dom0 using something like:

mkdir /mnt/temp
mount -o loop /winimages/winxp.iso /mnt/temp

Does that work?

You can get rid of the "ioemu:" statements for disks in your config file; they 
are not necessary.

> boot="d"
> vnc=1
> what do you think, where can be the error? i tried many combinations and
> looked the examples in the user manual, but booting from image file doesn't
> work. And one more thing. When i installed a virtual machine, how can i
> change the boot device for the next boot operations of it, so that the
> installed machine every time boots from the virtual disk, and not from the
> cd-rom?

To boot from the hard drive by default, set boot="c" in your config file.


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