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Re: [Xen-devel] API Changelog

> I think  hg ann -cnaud  answers that problem quite well,
> as Keir points out.

It's a shame not to have the commit IDs in plain text in the ChangeLog itself, 
but probably not a big deal, agreed.  Although isn't that slightly brittle to 
subsequent bad edits / merges obscuring the original changeset ID?

> Mark Williamson writes ("Re: [Xen-devel] API Changelog"):
> > How about just including the changelog entry as a separate commit?  That
> > way the commit ID of the real change can be recorded accurately.
> Oh dear, please no.  That will involve manual pratting about (which
> will therefore go wrong) when we have a useable automatic system for
> this.

I'm not clear how much manual "pratting" you think this adds...  As far as I 
can tell the only additional maintainer work required is to type "hg import" 
instead of "patch" to correctly preserve the changeset numbers.

> > The developer would generate the patch series using hg export - which
> > they probably use already.  All that's needed at the other end is to
> > apply the patch using hg import so that the commits keep the proper
> > changeset IDs.
> >
> > Another reason hg import is handy is that the developer who sent the
> > patch won't get a conflict the next time they hg pull mainline.
> These are orthogonal questions, I think.

It's not entirely orthogonal because it's a prereq for what I suggested: 
requesting external that developers include a changeset ID would require that 
we actually preserve that changeset ID!  Otherwise the maintainer would have 
to edit ChangeLog themself, which wouldn't fly.  Reducing disruption to 
subsequent workflow is just gravy ;-)


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