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Re: [Xen-devel] That xenstored console leak...

On 15/1/08 13:42, "John Levon" <levon@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>> Sure. Nothing in xenstore is now supposed to persist across domain
>> restarts/migrates/etc. xend stores info about managed domains in a
>> separate database. All xenstore info is ephemeral.
> The VIF MAC is the perfect counter-example to this, is it not? It must
> remain the same across a domain's existence, even if it's randomly
> generated. How do you propose to fix the bug if you don't have /vm ?
> (I'm not so sure that any of the rest of /vm is /really/ needed,
> but that depends on how xend behaves on restart)

Well, the VIF MAC is pickled on domain save or migration, and restored into
the new /vm/ path on restore or at the migration target. It just so happens,
in the localhost migration case on 3.1, that the restore path is the same as
the original path. It must remain the same across a particular domain's
existence, but not for the VM's existence. In that sense it is ephemeral.

 -- Keir

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