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[Xen-devel] migration failure in xen-3.1.0 ?

thank you for your reply
and I try to uncomment the "xend-relocation-hosts-allow" to an empty string in dom0s "xend-config.sxp" files, but it does not work,

[root@amdvt02 xen]# xm migrate dom1 --live
Error: (104, 'Connection reset by peer')

I have uncommented (xend-por 8000) ; (xend-relocation-port 8002) ; (xend-address '') ; (xend-relocation-address '') ; (xend-relocation-hosts-allow '') in the file "xend-config.sxp", but it does not work in xen-3.1.0

and I am sorry ,I have made migration successfully in xen-3.0.3, while failed in xen-3.1.0, and I am sorry for the mistake made in last letter

any help?


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