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[Xen-devel] [PATCH 0/7] Update Xen 3.1-testing to Linux Kernel


Following patch series updates xen-3.1-testing.hg to Linux Kernel;

The patches in detail:

1/7: Update required LINUX_VER from 2.6.18 to

2/7: Update sparse tree with "uml: fix processor selection to exclude 
unsupported processors and features" patch from tree 

4/7: Update sparse tree with "read_zero_pagealigned() locking fix" patch from tree

5/7: Update sparce tree with following patches from
* zone_reclaim: dynamic slab reclaim [1]
* do not free non slab allocated per_cpu_pageset [2]
* [PATCH] Reintroduce NODES_SPAN_OTHER_NODES for powerpc [3]
* [PATCH] vmscan: Fix temp_priority race

6/7: Update sparse tree with "NET_SCHED: Fix fallout from dev->qdisc RCU 
change" patch from

7/7: (hg diff --git used)

* Remove net-gso-6-linear-segmentation.patch from patches directory and series 
file cause its already in [1]
* Move patches/linux-2.6.18 to linux-

S.ÃaÄlar Onur <caglar@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Linux is like living in a teepee. No Windows, no Gates and an Apache in house!

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