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Re: [Xen-devel] Test results on Unisys ES7000 64x 256gb using unstablec/s 16693 on 3.2.0 Release Candidate

Ian Pratt wrote:
>>>> No, I have not tried on 3.2.0. Will see if I can at some
>>>> point...
>>> Also, do you have any more info to share on what actually goes wrong
>> when
>>> dom0 has 'too much' memory?
>> The dom0 kernel spits out messages like the following starting around
>> the
>> init of cpu1 time, and periodically thereafter.
>> Timer ISR/0: Time went backwards: delta=-50206266948
> delta_cpu=13733052
>> shadow=8186343367 off=13649733458 processed=72042343367
>> cpu_processed=21822343367
>> Eventually just hanging (or making such slow progress to be
>> effectively hung).
> How many CPUs does the system have? Does the same large memory issue
> occur if you have fewer physical CPUs?

The system has 64 but is only built for 32, so the others are
ignored. Don't know if the problem happens with less CPUs at
this point. Hope to get more data soon...


> Thanks,
> Ian

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