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Re: [Xen-devel] frontend not being notified about packets received?

Am Samstag, 29. Dezember 2007 12:56:13 schrieb James Harper:
> I'm working on the windows xen pv drivers in Andy's absence, and am
> noticing a strange behaviour... I'm not getting a notification of
> packets received until there are lots of them, then I get them all at
> once, but up to a minute or so later if there isn't much activity.
> I have tinkered with setting "feature-rx-notify" to zero and one, and
> omitting it altogether, but it doesn't appear to change anything.
> Any hints would be greatly appreciated. I'm using the latest Debian
> 2.6.18 packages from Etch, and Xen 3.1.1.

Just a hint: The debian 2.6.18-5-xen packages are made with patches from xen 
3.0 and not with a more recent 3.1 patch.

I am not familiar enough with the xen internals to say if this could be the 
problem, but maybe you should compile 2.6.18 with a more recent xen patch 
to see if the problem still exists then.

btw.: I tried your xen pv drivers (v0.5) on win xp 32bit. They are working 
very well. They are not really faster, but at least they reduce the load in 
dom0 a lot on heavy IO in the hvm guest. So after optimising them for 
speed, they really could be usefull for all win hvm setups.

Some things I noticed: you need a hvm domain with apic/acpi enabled (haven't 
checked which one is really required), because without apic/acpi the pv 
drivers will generate a blue screen at boot time.

So keep the good work up! I really like to see open source pv drivers for 
windows! Let me know if it helps you to see some benchmarks on the harddisk 


> Thanks
> James
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