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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH] 3.1.3 (and ??) timer_mode fix in xend for virt-install

On Fri, Jan 18, 2008 at 03:13:16PM -0700, Dan Magenheimer wrote:
> > so can't confirm that yet. I'll try and reproduce it - what 
> > error were you getting
> > when trying to create a VM ?  libvirt doesn't specify any 
> > timer_mode parameter
> > when creating VMs, so it should use whatever XenD's default 
> > is for that.
> Traceback below.
> Yeah, I'm no parseltongue but I think the default wasn't
> specified properly.
> Note also that I am using python-virtinst-0.99 so maybe
> the interface to the XendServer has changed in more recent
> releases and wouldn't provoke the problem?
> Dan
> Starting install...
> libvir: Xen Daemon error : GET operation failed:
> libvir: Xen Daemon error : POST operation failed: (xend.err 'Error creating 
> doma
> in: long() argument must be a string or a number')

Ok this is useful. I'd say that message comes from this:

             xc.hvm_set_param(self.domid, HVM_PARAM_TIMER_MODE,

And that 'self.info["platform"].get("timer_mode")' is returning None,
causing the long() cal to fail. 

So either we need to make sure that 'platform' gets a default value
set for 'timer_mode', or make the hvm_set_param() call conditional

   if self.info["platform"].get("timer_mode") is not None:
       xc.hvm_set_param(self.domid, HVM_PARAM_TIMER_MODE,

I assume the Hypervisor itself already has a default timemode value,
so making this set_param conditional is probably easiest.

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