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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH 1 of 2] Make tools/Makefile cross-friendly

To follow up a bit more on the sys-root question, this web page
explains it:


The sys-root is built into both the compiler and binutils using the
--with-sysroot option.  That way the compiler can find the include
files, and the linker can find the libraries.

The cross-toolchain that I based mine on are from here:


These assume the sys-root will be in /usr/$target/sys-root, so that's
how I set things up too.  Lennert suggests using a script
repack_cross.pl to install target rpms in the sys-root.  I used that
for a while but the number of rpms needed was overwhelming, so
eventually I realized it would be a lot easier to use an entire root

For the rootfs, I started with fedora8/ia64 but it's missing some
libs, so I switched to rhel5/ia64.  For the howto, I intend to switch
to centos4.6 so licensing isn't an issue.  In any case, it's not hard
to do a simple ia64 installation then bundle up the sys-root from it.

Hope that helps,

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