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[Xen-devel] Dom0 and entitlement

 I've some questions related to xen. Can anybody help me regarding the following questions.

1. Is dom0 a logical system(like any other vm's that are configured on it) ? If yes, then all xm commands should be applicable to it (ex : vcpu-set) .

2. /proc on dom0 reflects the physical or logical utilization.
3. Is there any entitelment concept in xen for cpu and memory? What is cpu weight used for and how is set.
4. virt-manager shows physical or logical utilization (cpu, memory)
5. How do i get the IP address of each of the guests from dom0 ?
6. What are the interfaces in domU to tell me that its a guest (or dom0) and also the type of virtualization ( eg. XEN/ VMWARE etc  )


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