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Re: [Xen-devel] sizeof(long) different under windows x64 and linux x64

On 22/1/08 23:39, "Andy Grover" <andy.grover@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>> Are the xen header files written with the assumption that sizeof(long) =
>> 8? If so, this would explain why i'm getting EINVAL from the hypervisor
>> under windows x64...
> I think it's very hard to be LP64/LLP64-clean without actual testing on
> both.
> I'm sure patches would be accepted to clean things up. We imported a
> private version of the xen headers into the winpv tree hg so maybe we
> should just go ahead and modify that, and then we can pull out a diff to
> submit against xen-unstable when we know all the issues are cleaned up?

Maybe. I don't see why people are worried about having privately diverged
copies of the headers for their own target environment though. They're not
going to magically become incompatible with future versions of Xen. You need
only update your private headers, and then only incrementally, when you want
to use new features of future Xen versions.

 -- Keir

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