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[Xen-devel] Re: Xen 3.2 and Big Real Mode support?

You need to build Xen with 'vmxassist=n'. If you boot a debug build of Xen
and look at the HVM guest output that gets written to the Xen console in
that case as the HVM guest boots, if there is any reference to VMXASSIST
then you do not have an appropriate build of Xen. If there is no reference
to VMXASSIST, and you see the line "Invoking ROMBIOS ...", then you are

If you pull latest xen-unstable (eventually-to-be-3.3) then vmxassist is
disabled by default, and a few more instructions are correctly emulated.

 -- Keir

On 23/1/08 14:32, "Guillaume Thouvenin" <guillaume.thouvenin@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

> Hello,
>  I read in the announce of Xen 3.2.0 released that it has "preliminary
> support for a wider range of bootloaders in fully virtualised (HVM)
> guests, using full emulation of x86 'real mode'" .
>  I'd like to know what is the level of the emulation of x86 'real
> mode'? I ask that because I tried to install OpenSuse 10.3 (I used
> the iso file openSUSE-10.3-GM-x86_64-mini.iso) with Xen 3.2-testing
> from mercurial and the boot failed. I got the following messages:
> "...
>  Booting from CD-Rom...
>  ISOLINUX 3.31 0x46f43c1e Copyright (C) 1994-2005 H. Peter Anvin
>  Loading...
> "
> and it hangs after the "...". Logs don't show any specifics problems.
> As OpenSuse 10.3 is known to have some 'real mode' issues due to the
> presence of the gfx bootloader I asking myself what is the state of the
> art of 'real mode' emulation into Xen?
> Do you have some tests to validate the real mode emulation?
> Thanks for the help
> Best Regards,
> Guillaume

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