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Re: [Xen-devel] First release candidate for 3.1.3

Keir Fraser wrote:
Now that 3.2.0 is released, it seems a good time to bundle up all the bug
fixes from that release effort for 3.1 branch. I've backported everything I
think is appropriate and I've tagged 3.1.3-rc1. This is in the staging tree
and will move to the main tree after automated testing has finished.

Please test!

 -- Keir


would please pull in xen-3.2-testing changeset: 16330:fbe7ed173314 and
16642:643ab64d12d5 (block script enhancement, add losetup -r support) into

or you can just apply the attached patch.


block script enhancement: make use of the -r option of losetup for looping
back images on readonly nfs.

xen-3.2-testing changeset: 16330:fbe7ed173314 and 16642:643ab64d12d5

--- xen-3.1-testing/tools/examples/block.orig   2008-01-24 10:14:13.000000000 
+++ xen-3.1-testing/tools/examples/block        2008-01-24 10:15:40.000000000 
@@ -367,7 +367,13 @@
           fatal 'Failed to find an unused loop device'
-        do_or_die losetup "$loopdev" "$file"
+        if LANG=C losetup -h 2>&1 | grep read-only >/dev/null
+        then
+          roflag="-$mode"; roflag="${roflag#-w}"
+        else
+          roflag=''
+        fi
+        do_or_die losetup $roflag "$loopdev" "$file"
         xenstore_write "$XENBUS_PATH/node" "$loopdev"
         write_dev "$loopdev"
         release_lock "block"
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