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Re: [Xen-devel] Missing checks for xc_map_foreign_range() failure

tgh <wwwwww4187@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> hi
> what is the function of the xc_map_foreign_range(), what does it work
> for ? could you give me someexplanation or example about it , i
> encounter it in the code of xc_domain_save(), and confused about the
> function of it,could you help me
> Thanks in advance

xc_map_foreign_{range,pages,batch}() let you map another domain's
memory, similar to mmap().

xc_map_foreign_range() is the simplest of them: it maps a range of
memory starting at a mfn.  You typically map one page that way,
i.e. you pass PAGE_SIZE as size argument.

xc_domain_save() uses it to map the domain's shared info page.  That's
a well-known page, and its mfn can be found in the domain's info
obtained from xc_domain_getinfo().

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