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[Xen-devel] Updated dom0 pvops for 2.6.24 available on git


I've updated the dom0 pvops patches against 2.6.24, and they now have a
new git home:


I'm maintaining the tree in this repo in two separate forms:

      * Development branch:

        The master branch is an ongoing, shareable development branch,
        currently including a fair amount of debug code and history that
        we will not ever want to push upstream
      * Clean patch queues:
        I'm also maintaining the same tree as a completely different set
        of patches/git history --- the tag "dom0-2.6.24-A0" is a clean
        patch queue applying directly against upstream v2.6.24, and the
        tag "dom0-2.6.24-A0-dev" is the corresponding tag on the master
        branch which results in _exactly_ the same tree, but which has
        the full development history behind it.  (git-diff-tree will
        show they are identical for verification.)
So for patch review and upstream pushing, the dom0-2.6.24-A0 tag is what
you want to be looking at; for development and git merging, the master
branch is where the activity will be.

New in this release:

dom0-2.6.24-A0 adds:

Initial APIC support:
        This is a minimal brute-force merge of the 2.6.18-xen APIC code,
        enough to get interrupts being handled and to allow other dom0
        work to proceed; this will still need to be worked into a pvops-
        friendly format.
PCI DMA support:
        Adds an x86_64-style dma_mapping indirection, tested on
        baremetal, and adds Xen pfn-to-mfn translations to allow DMA to
        function under pvops.  This is fully pvops-friendly as it
        stands, but does not yet support swiotlb (so for now it's for
        development and testing on 32-bit <4GB boxes only.)
Various minor bugfixes.


Boots through to initrd/module loading, but modular drivers are still
not working right, failing on init with a variety of symptoms including
fatal controller errors or init timeouts.  We currently suspect problems
in the caching/writethrough settings on the PCI accesses, but that's
just a guess right now.

The full patch will NOT boot on baremetal due to the heavy-handed APIC
merge; but the dma-mapping patches applied alone DO boot on baremetal.

Still includes lots of debug printks for irq and dma mapping, don't
expect a quiet boot.


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