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RE: [Xen-devel] [VTD][PATCH] Do FLR of assigned devices with VT-d


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> From: Li, Xin B [mailto:xin.b.li@xxxxxxxxx] 
> Sent: Saturday, January 26, 2008 4:00 AM
> To: Guy Zana; Han, Weidong; xen-devel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> Cc: Xu, Anthony; Kay, Allen M
> Subject: RE: [Xen-devel] [VTD][PATCH] Do FLR of assigned 
> devices with VT-d
> >That's a good addition, why moving this functionality to the 
> >hypervisor?
> Qemu code is not guaranteed to execute, like a Qemu crash.

It is guaranteed to execute, if QEMU will crash the domain will die, and in 
that case there is no effect in doing FLR reset.
Can you leave the FLR reset in qemu please? so it won't be VT-d specific.


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