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[Xen-devel][RFC][PATCH][ioemu] strip tap:aio from param

Currently I am not able to mount or boot from an HVM CDROM when it is 
configured for 'tap:aio' instead of 'file'.

disk=[ 'tap:aio:/var/lib/xen/images/sles10-sp2-fv/disk0,hda,w', '
       tap:aio:/home/iso/sles/SLES10.iso,hdc:cdrom,r', ]

With the attached patch I am able to boot from the CDROM and or mount it.

Patch against xen-unstable tip changes 
xenstore.c:xenstore_parse_domain_config() to rewrite param to xenstore without 
the tap:aio prefix.  This allows xenstore_process_event() to read the correct 
image name. 

It might be better to filter out aio in xenstore_process_event() instead of 
changing param in xenstore. Anybody have an opinion on that?

I will submit a real patch once I have some feedback.


diff -r 1c826ea72a80 tools/ioemu/xenstore.c
--- a/tools/ioemu/xenstore.c    Wed Jan 23 15:42:52 2008 +0000
+++ b/tools/ioemu/xenstore.c    Tue Jan 29 12:42:24 2008 -0700
@@ -182,6 +182,8 @@ void xenstore_parse_domain_config(int do
             if (!offset)
                 continue ;
             memmove(params, offset+1, strlen(offset+1)+1 );
+            if (pasprintf(&buf, "%s/params", bpath) == 0)
+                xs_write(xsh, XBT_NULL, buf, params, strlen(params));
             fprintf(logfile, "Strip off blktap sub-type prefix to %s\n", 
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