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Re: [Xen-devel] arp during live migration

Graham, Simon wrote:
I am having some trouble with the send_fake_arp in the netfront
Interesting - I was just composing an almost identical note; we've been
seeing some horrible network blackouts in migration that are caused by a
failure to send the gratuitous ARP (blackouts vary from 0-50+ seconds
when the domain is idle and just being pinged from outside).

I am having the same troubles with xen 3.1 from ubuntu gutsy.
I have xen-hypervisor-3.1.0-0ubuntu18 instaled on my system.

maybe this bug has eben re-introduced? Can somebody confirm, that this is still working?

I am currently doing a semester thesis in measuring downtime, while migrating over loaded/lagged links. The goal would be trying to measure/estimate the migrationtime/downtime.

I see no ping reply packets, even if the domain is already up and running. It sakes about 10 seconsd, until I see any ping reply packets.


In my case, I NEVER see the gratuitous ARP being sent (confirmed using
tcpdump on peth0 in Dom0) and the return value from dev_queue_xmit is
sometimes 0 and sometimes 2 (that's PLUS 2 -- congestion notification

My next step was going to be to add instrumentation to netback but I
thought I would ask if this is a known issue with 3.0.3 first...


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