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Re: [Xen-devel] timer_mode/hpet proposals and documentation

Better would be to change the timer_mode config option to be a string
("no_missed_ticks_pending", etc) and document that. Omission of the config
option can mean that it is up to the tools (or whatever) to automatically
decide. I don't think the hvm_param hypervisor enumeration should change --
trying to implement a 'lock flag' within the existing parameter is
overloading it. You should implement some other way to signal to your
heuristic routines whether they should run or not.

 -- Keir

On 31/1/08 21:32, "Dan Magenheimer" <dan.magenheimer@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> I've been googling for documentation on timer_mode and haven't found
> any.  I'd like to write some but will need some help explaining the
> subtleties between the different modes.
> But first I'd like to suggest some slightly different semantics and
> a related idea:
> 1) Change the definition of timer_mode==0 to be:
>    Unspecified.  Xen and/or management tools may use other settings and/or
>    heuristics to change timer_mode to a more appropriate value.  Otherwise,
>    timer_mode==0 and timer_mode==4 will be equivalent.
> 2) Add a new timer_mode==4 which replaces timer_mode==0 and may not
>    be changed by Xen and/or management tools.
> 3) Add a new hvm platform variable "vhpet" which defaults to zero.  If set
>    to one, the virtual hpet will be enabled, else it will be disabled.
> For 1) and 2), timer_mode is relatively new so few shipping Xen
> implementations should be dependent on it (especially on timer_mode==0).
> It would be nice to plan for automatic mechanisms to work even on
> existing VM config files.
> For 3), hpet seems to be the default virtual clocksource for guests but
> appears to be less accurate than pit.  Since hpet hardware is more
> accurate than pit hardware, this is counterintuitive.
> If these are reasonable, I will spin some patches.
> Here's a first crack at some documentation for timer_mode:
> ===========
> For fully virtualized guests, the platform variable "timer_mode" can
> be set to the following values:
> 0 Unspecified.  Xen and/or management tools may use other settings
>    and/or heuristics to change timer_mode to a more appropriate value.
>    Otherwise, this value is the same as "delay_for_missed_ticks".
> 1 no_delay_for_missed_ticks
> 2 no_missed_ticks_pending
> 3 one_missed_tick_pending
> 4 delay_for_missed_ticks
> Modern operating systems have direct access to hardware clock/timer
> mechanisms and generally keep time by counting interrupts.  Rarely,
> delivery of a timer interrupt -- or "tick" -- to an OS may get
> delayed.  If a tick is delivered when the OS isn't ready, for example
> if it is currently of processing a previous tick, the guest may fail
> to see one or more interrupts, resulting in "missed" ticks.  Different
> OS's deal with this problem in different ways and the problem occurs
> more frequently in a virtual environment, especially when resources
> are overloaded.  As a result, Xen has to support multiple mechanisms
> for delivery of missed ticks to a guest.  (Note that no virtual time
> algorithm is perfect and it is recommended that all guests be
> configured to periodically synchronize with an external time source
> (e.g. via NTP) to eliminate any remaining small error.)
> "Delay for missed ticks" (4) is used for guests which do not correct
> for missed ticks, such as most older Linux OS's.
> "No delay for missed ticks" (1) is [...???] and is used for Windows
> guests.
> "No missed ticks pending" is used for guests which are resilient to
> missed ticks such as newer Linux 64-bit OS's.  Under most circumstances
> these guests correct themselves for missed ticks so Xen doesn't have to.
> "One missed tick pending" is [...????]
> ==========
> Feedback and assistance welcome!
> Thanks,
> Dan
> ===================================
> If Xen could save time in a bottle / then clocks wouldn't virtually skew /
> It would save every tick / for VMs that aren't quick /
> and Xen then would send them anew
> (with apologies to the late great Jim Croce)
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