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[Xen-devel] Release 0.6.5 of Windows PV drivers

Here's another release:


This one fixes a definite problem with XP since the last few releases
(silly Microsoft... a stupid undocumented change I had to make to get
x64 working broke XP).

Also there is now a 'xenstub' driver which can attach to the vfb and
console devices to make them appear normal in device manager (the driver
doesn't actually _do_ anything though).

If you want to report any issues, I need to know:

. The architecture you are running on (AMD or Intel)
. Version of your hypervisor
. Bit width of your hypervisor (32, 32p, 64)
. Version of the Dom0 kernel (eg 2.6.18-6)
. Version of Xen that Dom0 was compiled against (Debian has a 3.1.1
hypervisor, but their kernels appear to be compiled against something
. Version of your Windows DomU (eg XPsp2, 2K3R2sp1, etc)
. Bit width of your Windows Domu (eg 32 or 64)

Obviously if you don't have all of the above info then I'm still
interested in hearing about any problems, but I've been having a lot of
trouble reproducing some crashes so the more info I have the better!

If you get it working please let me know too!



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