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RE: [Xen-devel] write page table in user mode

>From: Tim Deegan [mailto:Tim.Deegan@xxxxxxxxxx] 
>Sent: 2008年2月4日 19:01
>> If we can show good performance without
>> it then I'm happy to remove it (if Tim also agrees).
>There'll need to be an audit of the rest of the emulate 
>callbacks, which
>were written with the assumption that they know the'yre not in 
>ring 3 --
>for example the pagefault error codes used in PT walks will be wrong.

Yes, we need full audit. A quick update is that, at least for multi.c,
Disheng made things working simply by disabling that heuristics and
remove ring 3 check from emulate_map_dest. So such assumptions
shouldn't be many. :-)


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