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Re: [Xen-devel] [0/3] DomGrp/SchedGrp Merge RFC

On 6/2/08 10:27, "Samuel Thibault" <samuel.thibault@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>> I'm driven by concrete use cases. Several of the upcoming uses you mention
>> need careful consideration of what they are useful for, to determine the
>> best way to design them into the system. Take resource sharing. Stub domains
>> sharing scheduler credits with the HVM guest is a rather special case, and
>> one where a master/slave relationship is not unreasonable (and hence in this
>> case I think it is arguable whether it is actually a good fit with domgrps
>> after all).
> Actually, in my former research team in Bordeaux, they would like to
> write a small domain that computes the scheduling of a bunch of others,
> for parallel scientific computing.

Well that sounds plausible, but I'm not sure how resource pools or domgrps
would help with that. It sounds like a delegation mechanism (of privilege
and/or resource) would be more appropriate.

 -- Keir

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