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[Xen-devel] RE: [Xen-users] VT-d support in HVM?

On Friday, February 08, 2008 11:10 PM, "Stephan Seitz" wrote:
> My question is, do I need to add patches, or use specific changesets
> to have VT-d code available in xen / dom0 kernel? If so, could
> someone provide me link? 

There is a VT-d quick README in xen_source/docs/misc/vtd.txt
Anotherr link:

> Indeed, I found a lot of information in xen-devel, but I don't know
> which of the submitted patches are accepted and which are merged into
> mercurial. 
> Is redirection of e.g. a pci network card or a pci isdn card possible
> for hvm domU's without special driver support by the guest (say:
> windows)? 

Guest needs drivers to enable devices. Dom0 doesn't need. 

> Is there any support for pci/e and/or pci-x?

Yes. It supports PCIe and PCI/x devices. But, guest doesn't supported MSI yet. 
For example, in Linux (kernel >=2.6.18), it needs an additional kernel boot 
option: "pci=nomsi".

Best Regards,
Yongkang You

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