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Re: [Xen-devel] Qemu vnc color depth

Daniel P. Berrange wrote:
1) quietly starting to do the conversion on vnc server (not gaining any performances here);

This should be the default behaviour
2) closing the vnc connection with the client, so the client can reconnect and choose the new pixel format.

This is evil. If we need a way to notify the client of colour depth
changes, then we should define an official VNC extension for this that clients can implement. cf the desktop-resize extension

So, if the client supports the extension use that to notify, otherwise
fallback to doing server-side conversions.

This is a good idea, I just hope it won't take ages to be accepted.
I'll work on this.

By default I am doing 1), however the second choice can be enabled passing the -vnc-switch-bpp command line option.

Don't add more command line options - the existing -vnc flag already
has the ability to take multiple flags in the format:

    -vnc hostname:display,flag,flag,flag,flag


    -vnc localhost:1,passwd,tls

another good suggestion, I'll modify the patch to use this.

Please send this to qemu-devel - we should not be introducing yet more
xen-specific forks to the QEMU code we have - it is a maintainance
disaster already with the number of patches we have.

Yeah I know, but sending patches to qemu-devel is like &>/dev/null

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