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Re: [Xen-devel] [RFC] Add stubdomain support

On 11/2/08 17:40, "Samuel Thibault" <samuel.thibault@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> - Setup a xen-elf cross-compilation environment in stubdom/cross-root
> - Add a POSIX layer on top of Mini-OS by linking against the newlib C library
>   and lwIP, and implementing the Unixish part in mini-os/lib/sys.c
> - Cross-compile zlib and libpci too.
> - Add an xs.h-compatible layer on top of Mini-OS' xenbus.
> - Cross-compile libxc with an additional xc_minios.c and a few things
> disabled.

You hack the libxc headers a bit: is this because you need different
definitions of certain things in minios environment (seems unlikely for
things like memory barriers and page sizes) or because of namespace
conflicts? If the latter we should be able to clean up namespace usage and
avoid ifdef'ery. We don't really want CONFIG_MINIOS all over the place, it
should be able to behave nicely like any other POSIXish host of libxc.

Apart from that it seems pretty clean. I suppose others may comment on the
cleanliness of the changes to qemu code. Trying this patch out is probably
the quickest way for me to find out how you've integrated into the build
process. e.g., do you symlink out to libxc and so on, and store the object
files and build targets somewhere under stubdom/?

 -- Keir

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