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[Xen-devel] Xen 3.2 bridging broken

I have 3 nics, 1 onboard nic and 2 other add-in cards. I want to use VT-d to hide the add-in nics.
When I boot into Xen, i only see eth0 (the onboard nic).
The other two nics are hidden from dom0. -------- Great so far....
Now I start xend and behold, it creates xenbr1 and xenbr2. I do NOT want those to be created. In fact I   removed the (network-script network-bridge) from xend-config.sxp also. but the bridges get created.
How do I delete them?
brctl shows
bridge name   bridge id                              STPenabled                       interfaces
xenbr0        8000.000000000000                 no
xenbr1        8000.000000000000                 no
xenbr2         8000.000000000000                 no
if i do "brctl delbr xenbr1"
>xenbr1 is still up: can't delete it.
and ifdown xenbr1
> <usage> ifdown <device name>
So basically i can't get rid of xenbr1 and xenbr2. ( never needed them in the first place). and it appears that xenbr1 and xenbr2 are tied to the two add-in nics and hence the guest cannot use those nics.
Questions: Is there a simple way to tell Xend NOT to create any bridges? It is picking the interfaces from somewhere?
Thanks in advance for your help
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