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[Xen-devel][PATCH][RFC] Supporting Enlightened Windows 2008 Server

During the spring Xen Summit in New York, I presented our work on hosting 
Enlightened windows 2008 server on  Xen based platforms. Now that Microsoft has 
published their Hypervisor specification, we can release our code to the 
community. The goal of this effort has been to host Enlightened windows 2008 
server as a guest on a Xen based platform. We have addressed this requirement 
by :

A) Leveraging the I/O framework in the Xen based platform. Appropriate PV 
drivers will be loaded up in the guest to improve the I/O performance.
B) Implement an adapter that implements the required Hyper-V functionality.  

We  have implemented only a subset of Hyper-V functionality that is required 
for enlightened windows 2008 guest today. However, we have the framework in 
place to implement any additional functionality that the windows guests may 
leverage going forward. The framework is extensible and one can easily 
implement OS specific enlightenments.

I am enclosing three patches that implement our adapter for your consideration:

1) ns_tools.patch: Modifications to xen tools to support the the adapter
2) ns_xen_base.patch: Modifications to the base Xen code to support the adapter
3) ns_xen_extension.patch: New code implementing the adapter 

These patches have been tested on a xen 3.2 based system (SLES10 SP2).

Signed-off by K. Y. Srinivasan (ksrinivasan@xxxxxxxxxx) 


K. Y

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