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Re: [Xen-devel] Domain status after shutdown command: ---s--

Keir Fraser wrote:
On 19/2/08 13:29, "Dominik Klein" <dk@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

When I shutdown the domain, xend.log does not show anything.

You should get a line something like "Domain has shutdown: ...". For some
reason that handler inside xend has not been invoked, which is odd since
xend is aware enough the domain has shutdown since 'xm list' displays it in
state 's'. You'll probably have to add some tracing to xend, and possibly
also to xenstored which is the entity responsible for notifying xend about
domain shutdown, to work out where the notification is getting lost.

Attached are strace logs. I attached strace to the xenstored and xend processes.

I started the domain, waited a couple seconds, ran "halt" from inside the domain and then in the end use "xm destroy" from dom0.


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