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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH] blktap: qcow2 image format support

Daniel P. Berrange writes ("Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH] blktap: qcow2 image format 
> Well if you're concerned about code duplication - we've 2 entirely
> separate impls of every disk format - one in blktap and one in QEMU
> itself. The original motivation for the duplication was that QEMU's
> block driver API did not support Async-IO operations, but that was
> addressed in 0.9.0 - if you look at the internal QEMU block driver
> API for disk formats vs blktaps internal driver API they're near
> identical.

Yes.  This is pretty poor and although I don't want to stand in the
way of useful stuff I'm disappointed to see more of this duplication
going on.

>  I think it'd be an interesting project to actually make
> QEMU userspace talk directly to blktap kernel driver, thus eliminating
> the entire blktap users & all code duplication. Then we'd have parity
> of disk support across PV & HVM guests too. Certainly not an easy or
> quick project, but if someone's looking for something interesting to
> hack on....

I'm currently trying to merge our qemu with upstream's, at least
somewhat, and this is definitely something I'm keeping an eye on.


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