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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH 1/3][RFC] PV Passthrough PCI Device Hotplug Support (Tools Part)

Keir Fraser wrote:
On 21/2/08 11:01, "Yosuke Iwamatsu" <y-iwamatsu@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Tools part of PV PCI hotplug, applied to xen-unstable.hg cs17042.

Most of this part will be changed to adjust latest xen-unstable,
since there already exists HVM PCI hotplug code.

I applied the other two patches (the Xen and Linux pieces) so please just
re-submit this one.

Now I'm going to look into xend and see how I can get along with
the existing HVM pcihp code.

-- Yosuke

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