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Re: [Xen-devel] Shell test for pv vs hvm (vs dom0)

Could it be possible to define some bios magic for "hardware vendor"?
So a HVM Guest would ask "What hardware am I running on?"

Just a thought...

Keir Fraser schrieb:
There's no general way to discriminate between HVM and native from a shell
script. You might discriminate between HVM and PV on Linux by looking for
/sys/hypervisor or /proc/xen.

 -- Keir

On 22/2/08 22:38, "Dan Magenheimer" <dan.magenheimer@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Thanks for pointing this tool out!  Looks useful.

Unfortunately, for it to be broadly useful, it would have
to ship with all distros as compiling it "on demand" on
the guest is often not an option.

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