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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH]Add free memory size of every NUMA node in phsical info

On Tue, Feb 26, 2008 at 10:02:36AM +0800, Duan, Ronghui wrote:
> Returns free memory size per node in "xm info". This info can help users
> who want to bind their guest domain in one node of their NUMA machines
> thought set CPU affinity. I also write IA64 part support which I would
> send to XEN-IA64 mail-list. Thanks.

AFAICT, changing the ABI of the 'physinfo' sysctl is completely unneccessary.

The per-node NUMA free memory information is already available to Dom0
via the existing 'availheap' sysctl:

  #define XEN_SYSCTL_availheap         9
  struct xen_sysctl_availheap {
      /* IN variables. */
      uint32_t min_bitwidth;  /* Smallest address width (zero if don't care). */
      uint32_t max_bitwidth;  /* Largest address width (zero if don't care). */
      int32_t  node;          /* NUMA node of interest (-1 for all nodes). */
      /* OUT variables. */
      uint64_aligned_t avail_bytes;/* Bytes available in the specified region. 

If you want to display this info in 'xm info', then simply invoke this
availheap sysctl call to fetch the data.

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