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Re: [Xen-users] Xen.org Blog Available

> My concern with this is that the mailing lists are currently the place
> do hold discussions on Xen related stuff... does this mean developers
> need to monitor additional discussion areas too? Email has many
> advantages over web sites for holding discussions.
> Maybe I'm the only one with this opinion... if so I'll speak no further
> :)
> Can you please elaborate on the need you see the blog site filling, and
> when it would be more appropriate to discuss something on a blog vs on
> the mailing list?

It's my feeling that the blog could be useful to increase visibility of what 
developers are doing, so that interested parties could see at-a-glance what 
sort of stuff is going on in "Xen Land".

I think that for developer discussions or user support the mailing lists are 
the most appropriate medium.  The blog could be good for eg. saying "hey, I'm 
working on this cool thing" or "new release of blah" in high signal-to-noise 
way for interested parties to read over the web or via RSS.

I'm thinking I may use my blog to occasionally write little bits of progress 
report on cool things I'm working on or ideas I've had.  If anything takes 
form sufficiently in concept or implementation to be worth discussing widely 
then I'd post on the mailing list.


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