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Re: [Xen-devel] Re: [PATCH] qemu vnc updates

Anthony Liguori wrote:
You mean realvnc? The race condition is due to it's use of SetPixelFormat. By slowing the updates, what you're really doing is just working around that race condition. That's not a proper solution though.

This goes away if you set the realvnc options so that it doesn't change the pixel format from what the server specifies.

I think that the realvnc "bug" is due to the fact that they assume that if they don't send any update requests, they shouldn't expect any. This is not a wrong assumption to make unless you are right about the 1 request -> N reply argument (I still think that this is not what the rfb spec says). Besides my patch doesn't slow down the connection so much, I cannot tell the difference on a quick connections. I'll let you know what is the behaviour on a slow connection.

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