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[Xen-devel] [patch 0/3] xen: Extend xen kexec hypercall to return additional regions


this series starts off by reworking the hypercall a bit to
allow it to have architecture-specific code under xen/arch/

It then extends the hypercall for some extra regions that
are needed for xen ia64.

There are generic and ia64 specific patches in this series.
I wanted to post them together as they don't make much sense
without each other.

There are related xen-linux patches that I will send as a separate series.
There are related kexec-tools patches which I have posted to
the kexec mailing list and intend to merge.

The end-game here is to make sure that all the reserved regions
show up in /proc/iomem_machine on ia64. This currently does not happen.
And manifests as kexec only being able to be performed once as
the boot parameter ends up being overwritten in relocate_kernel before
purgatory is reached.

  Xen--kexec-->Xen--kexec [hang in purgatory!]

The EFI-RID patches for ia64 xen kexec are also needed for kexec
to function on ia64. However they touch different code paths and can
be merged separately.


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