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Re: [Xen-devel] code read problems

 thank you for your reply
and i read the code of xc_save.c and xc_restore.c, which maybe do the function of VMsaving and VMrestoring, but i wander, if the code of xc_save.c and xc_restore.c is called by some python code or c code during migration or xm save and xm restore or not? the code of xc_save.c is a main function ,and is it called by other program to do migration or not ?

and in the code of xc_save.c, there seem no notification to the xenstore or devbackend, and how are these VMdevbackends destroyed in the dom0, when migration or save? and in the code of xc_restore.c,there seems to be an existing VMdomain,and the whole data from savefile or from migration,will load into the VMdomain, is itï then ,what code call these code of xc_save and xc_restore? i am confused

could you help me out

Thanks in advance

Daniel Stodden åé:
On Tue, 2008-02-26 at 19:22 +0800, tgh wrote:
could you reply in english, i could not read your letter

Don't bother. Just an autoreply generated to tell you the guy is on

Regarding your problem: There is not much you can do to get some sort
execution traces enabled automatically. You probably want to enable
debugging when building Xen and the libraries. Then maybe add a couple
of debug-print statements to the code, whereever you see fit.

I believe migration support in xend and libxc should be understandable
in isolation. The tricky parts are definitely done in C. Last time I
checked, xend mainly performed a single call to the tools and library.

Also note that random instrumentation of all code executed for
translating and mapping of the domU address space within the hypervisor
would probably soon get more verbose than you asked for, since some of
the functions involved can be called at a comparatively high frequency.

Rule 1 when digging your way through complex systems: Divide and
Conquer. Division comes first. Understand one thing at a time, starting
at a comparatively high-level, then selectively dig deeper.


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