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Re: [Xen-devel] Incomplete 3.2 binary packages

Chris Lalancette writes ("[Xen-devel] Incomplete 3.2 binary
> packages"): I went to: http://xen.org/download/dl_32rhel5.html and
> downloaded the binary RPMS for 3.2 to do a quick test.  However, it
> seems that the binary RPMS don't include the qemu device model, so
> fully virt guests have no chance of starting.  It's not a huge deal
> for me, since I can recompile from source; however, for those who
> don't want to do that, or who want to save a little time (my
> original goal), it might be nice to include everything needed in
> those binary RPMS.  Just FYI.

xen-3.2.0-0xs.centos5.i386.rpm contains /usr/lib/xen/bin/qemu-dm.

When I built the Xen 3.2 binary packages I did check that they
contained roughly the same things in the same places as the upstream
packages, but in general my (very light) testing did not include
starting an HVM guest.  So there may well be a bug here.

Can you confirm that qemu-dm is on your system ?  If not do you know
why not ?  If you have some more information (for example, actual
error messages which show where it is looking for which file) I might
be able to fix it up if indeed it's a bug in the package.


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