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Re: [Xen-devel] [amd iommu] [patch 1/2]Add APCI table support for AMD IOMMU

Some comments below.

+void __init dump_acpi_table_header(struct acpi_table_header *table)

I think this can be static?

Throughout this file you've used slightly Linux-y coding style.  Is this 
intentional?  In particular, the brackets around if expressions aren't spaced 
out from the expression as they usually are under Xen and in one place you've 
missed a newline before a {.  If you're trying to keep the coding style in 
sync to minimise the diff with upstream sources then I think that's quite 
reasonable (although I think we usually keep tabbed indenting if importing 
from upstream Linux).

Keir will probably let you know if he thinks the formatting is important or 
check the code in otherwise, so don't let me worry you too much!

Other than these few comments, your code largely made my patch checking suite 
happy, so nice work ;-)


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